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Below are the rates for the listed services. Do not add state or local taxes to any of the fees. Please note fees are subject to change at any time; however, whenever possible advance notice will be given. Certain NICET fees may be tax deductible on your individual federal income tax return when your involvement with NICET is for the purpose of maintaining and improving professional skills. Payments are not deductible as charitable expenses.

All fees listed below supersede fees listed on paper applications.

Technician Certification Programs

Standard Model Programs

Standard Model/CBT Application
Level I $230
Level II $300
Level III $355
Level IV $410

Rescheduling for all NICET tests more than 24 hours before your exam date is complimentary in the same testing window. Please contact PearsonVUE.

Within 24 hours after your scheduled date or for a new testing window, there is an additional fee equal to one half of the original testing fee. For more information on rescheduling, click here.

Rescheduling your NICET exam has never been easier, and in most cases, does not incur any additional fees. Additional fees may apply if rescheduling is attempted within 24 hours of the appointment time, the eligibility window expires, or there is less than 24 hours until the eligibility expires.

The best way to reschedule your exam is to login to your NICET account and click “Schedule" in the left side navigation, then “Schedule with Pearson VUE” for the exam you want to reschedule.

Schedule with Pearson VUE

Click the exam name to view the appointment, then “Reschedule” on the right side of the screen.

Caution: Just like the original scheduling process, there are several screens, agreements, and confirmations. The process is not complete until you click the “Confirm Reschedule” button, see the notice “Your Appointment is Rescheduled”, and receive a confirmation email directly from Pearson Vue. Taking a screenshot of this process is not acceptable. Failure to complete the process and missing your appointment does incur a rescheduling fee.

You may also call Pearson VUE at 1-866-880-0048 to reschedule. However, significant wait times can occur.

Candidates who are testing using the online remote proctored (OnVue) option may reschedule their appointment date/time right up until their appointment without incurring additional fees. Just follow the same process as detailed above.


Water-Based Systems Layout

Water-Based Systems Layout Standard Model/CBT Application
Level I $230
Level II $300
Level III
    General Plan Preparation $295
   Hydraulics and Water Supply $295
Level IV $410


Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems

Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarms Systems Standard Model/CBT Application
Level I $230
Level II $300


Fire Alarm Systems to Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems Exam Application Review

FAS to I&TFAS Application Review (optional)
The Application Review fee is to review FAS II/III/IV testing records for I&TFAS I and/or II testing credits. Application procedures need to be met. To see if you qualify for the review, click here to be taken to the FAS to I&TFAS test credit chart. Please allow up to 90 days for the evaluation to be completed.


Technician Certification fees include a test session, an experience review within 90 days of meeting the testing requirement and one supplemental experience review if a Conditional Decision Letter (CDL) is issued. Any additional reviews may result in the:
Supplement Review Fee: $110


Express Evaluation (optional)
To request an Express Evaluation of your experience application in up to 10 business days, please contact NICET at, evaluations@nicet.org. The Express Evaluation fee is per subfield and per paid Levels. The fee must be paid electronically. For more information click here.


Technologist Certification Program

Associate Engineering Technologist (AT) $160
Upgrade to: Certified Engineering Technologist (CT) $190



Base Recertification Fee (includes one subfield) $205
Incremental Fee (each additional subfield)  $50
Retired Status
The fee for electing or continuing certification after retiring from all paid employment in and/or related to the certification practice area(s). See Policy #30, Item 15.
Late Fee
Fee assessed to return expired certification(s) to Active Status; the fee is in addition to: "recertification" exam fees, evaluation fees, and recertification fees.



Returned Check Service Charge - $85

Refund Procedures

Refund Processing and Guidelines