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Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems

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This certification program is for engineering technicians engaged in the performance, documentation, planning, and coordination of periodic inspection and testing of existing fire alarm systems and their components. General areas covered include inspection and testing procedures, periodicity, documentation, safety, and work management. Technical areas covered include types of fire alarm systems and their respective components, device and circuit specific test procedures for initiating devices, notification appliances, supervisory signal-initiating devices, primary and secondary power supplies, emergency communications equipment, interface with other systems, and on/off premises monitoring.

Successful candidates must pass an exam or exams, complete a work history description that documents and meets specific industry related experience, and successfully perform key role specific activities. Once earned, certification must be maintained through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and recertified every three years.

General Requirements for Certification

NICET now has two Fire Alarm Certifications

The Fire Alarm Systems certification is a robust credential, based on inter-related elements of system design, installation, maintenance, and inspection. It is anticipated that most AHJs who have accepted it as evidence of qualification to perform maintenance/periodic inspections of fire alarm systems will continue to do so.

The Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems certification was developed for those inspectors who specialize in maintenance/periodic fire alarm inspections and who have little experience in other types of fire alarm systems work.

If you have successfully tested above Level I in Fire Alarm Systems and want or need certification in Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems, you may be closer than you think. Find out more about testing credit for ITFAS exams.

The Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems exam is delivered on a computer at Pearson Vue Testing Centers. Computer-based testing (CBT) allows NICET to extend several benefits to our customers: more flexible exam dates and appointment times; immediate scheduling and confirmation; and quicker exam scoring. For more information about taking the Standard Model exam, please click here.


What is the Test Like?

The exam will be administered on a computer at a proctored test center managed by a test administration company. These exams are normally closed book; any exception to this policy will be stated in the test information for that program. The content outline for the program will serve as the guide to what will be covered on the test. Each test session begins with a tutorial allowing you to get used to the process.

Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems Exams
Level I Exam 84 questions, 110 min.
Level II Exam 76 questions, 110 min.

Each test session begins with a tutorial allowing you to get used to the process. During the test, you will see one question at a time, but can move forward or backwards to view or review other questions. Some questions include a graphic or document to be viewed by clicking on the exhibit button. Exhibits may be in color. Correct answers will usually be selected by clicking the boxes next to the answers. In a few questions, you may be presented a picture and asked to click on the part of the picture that correctly answers the question. Questions may have more than one correct answer, but in those cases, you will be told how many answers to choose. You will receive your score at the conclusion of your test session.

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You will be required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to begin your examination. Failure to accept will result in a failed score and fee’s will be forfeited. The NDA that will be displayed is:

“You must accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) below in order to take this exam.

I understand that NICET tests and test questions are owned and copyrighted by NICET and affirm that I will not share the content of any NICET examination with any other person. I acknowledge that divulging the contents of this examination to others in any manner is expressly forbidden and may subject me to sanctions.”

Your appointment time will be 10 minutes longer to cover an introductory tutorial section before your exam begins. Any unused time will NOT extend the time allotted for answering exam questions.



A calculator is built into the exam. Please see the CBT Calculator Preview for information about the onscreen calculator. Candidates may not bring any additional calculators into the testing room.

Applicants with a disability as defined in Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act who may be placed at a disadvantage when taking a NICET certification examination may request a testing accommodation by contacting test@nicet.org prior to scheduling testing. Each request will be evaluated individually and every effort will be made to offer reasonable accommodations to qualifying applicants. There will be no additional charges to qualifying applicants for these accommodations. NICET will contact the applicant to arrange a mutually suitable accommodation.

Eric Amsbury, Allied Security
Brad Austin, Poole Fire Protection
Scott Bailey, Tyco Integrated Security
Eric D. Bailey, Fire Protection Industries
McKay (Luke) Baird, Walmart
Chris J. Barrera Sr., ECSI
Jon Boyce, Custom Security Technologies
Glen Brewster, Gallahes and Associates
Daniel Brown, National Park Service
Ivan Cabrera, IFC Designs, LLC
Thomas Capie, Electronic Security Solutions, LLC
Tim Carter, GSA
Rich Castle, Electronic Systems International, Inc.
Gary Church, SH Datasite Protection Co., Inc.
Michael Cohen, Colorado University at Anschutz Medical Center
Uroy Cooper, MTA NYC Transit Authority
Long Dao, Siemens
Derek David, SimplexGrinnell
Jimmy Davis, RCI of South Carolina
Kevin Decker, P1 Group, Inc
John DeRienzo, C. Martin Co. (Contractor), US Air Force
David Dressler, MN Statewide Limited Energy J.A.T.C.
Tommy Durham, Telgian Corporation
Randy Eberle, Fire Protection Specialists LLC
Jamie Ehmer, Northwoods Fire & Security
Tommy Farr, JATC of Southern Nevada
Robert Forbus, Siemens
Justin Frank, Montgomery County Maryland
Eric Gilbert, Time and Alarm Systems
T. Glaze, Fire Tech Systems
Angel Gomez, Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc.
Jeff Hale, Cintas Fire Protection
Elizabeth Handler, Cornell EHS
Jamey R. Hendrix, Telgian Corporation
Noel Hernberger, Electrical JATC for So. Nevada
John Horn, Tyco Industries
Steve Hoysic, Technical System Group
Christian Hultquist, Climatec LLC
Jaime T. Ihrig, Berkshire Systems Group, Inc.
Matthew Jakusz, ADT
Joe Jaramillo, Poudre Fire
Juan Jimenez, Wilson Fire Equipment

Trent Jones, GETZ Fire
David Kirwin, Berkeley University
Jeremy Kucler, Arapahoe Fire Protection Inc
Donald Laningham, Siemens Inc
Jon Madden, SimplexGrinnell
Steve Malcom, Siemens Building Technologies
Ryan Mathews, Ener-Tel Services, Inc.
Scott Mell, Berkshire Systems Group, Inc.
John J. Nachbar, Siemens
W. Berry Nall, VFP Fire Systems
Scott Newman, Walgreens Corporation
Tom Parrish, Telgian Corporation
Christopher Pecore, Fire Control Systems Inc.
Christopher J. Perry, MCS of Tampa
John Perskari, ADS Systems
Craig Peterson, 3D Security, Inc.
Daniel Phillips, Cornell EHS
Jon Pomerantz, Universal Surveillance Systems (USS)
Michael Reinhold, Per Mar Security Services
Eric H. Ricker, SimplexGrinnell
Daniel Rolla, Crossfire & Security Co, Inc
Jeff Schoen, City of Sheridan Building Dept.
Troy Schooley
David Schultz, Global Fire & Safety
Steve Schwartz, Consolidated Fire Protection
Brian Sedlak, Colorado State University
George Sharer, Fire Engineering Services
Yatish Sharma, Shenoy Engineering
C.J. Simonds, Mountain Alarm
Daniel Souza, Cintas Fire Protection
Martin Spears, Stanley Black & Decker
Lee Steffeck, Firetrol Protection Systems
Kip Strobel, CH2MHILL Engineers Inc.
Timothy Swenson, ECS
Steve Tiner, Adcock Systems
Jerry VanWagoner, Cal West Fire Protection
John Waring, SimplexGrinnell
Bradley Wilcox, SET, CFPS, GHD
Brian Willis, BFPE International
Carl Willms, CFPS, SET, Fire Security Technologies, Inc
Andrew Young, Safe Side Security
Bridget Yuknat, Shoreline Sanitation
Tom Zornes, Koorsen Fire & Security