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Systems Software Integrator (SSI) Certification

Software and information technology increasingly drive the operation of physical processes and machinery affecting our lives. The SSI can help provide a disciplined integration approach that safeguards against individual and nation-state cyber-attacks while ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Affected Industries include critical infrastructure like aerospace, automotive, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, power, and many others.

Because of the potential impacts on public safety, health, and welfare as well as national security, NSPE is investing considerable time and resources into the SSI credential to addresses software supply chain interoperability, reliability, and security.


The certification development process relies on the expertise of the individuals doing the work. Each phase of development requires a committee of practitioners. There are several opportunities to contribute your knowledge and experience to the process.

If SSI is a significant part of your role, consider completing the form to receive information about how you can participate.


We are putting together a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the success and effectiveness of this new certification program. Certification requirements and exams will be designed by Subject Matter Experts from Industry to be administered by NICET with the support from NSPE.

The first step was to conduct a Job Task Analysis (JTA) to establish the minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) needed for individuals in the systems software integrator role, which was completed in November 2023. The next step is to conduct a survey to validate the results of the JTA. Once the KSAs are confirmed, developing certification exam content, standard setting, and program release will follow.

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Industry Partners

Demonstrate your commitment to quality, security, and safety. Help expand the scope and reach of the certification effort.

Subject Matter Expert

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Matter Experts

Be involved in establishing certification requirements and creating exam content.

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