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Technologist Certification Program

Technologist certification requires a Bachelors Degree in an engineering technology program accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (TAC/ABET).

The Associate Engineering Technologist (AT) grade is available upon graduation, while the Certified Engineering Technologist (CT) grade requires at least five years of related work experience after graduation. CT applicants must also submit two endorsements.

Technologist certification requires a four-year degree in an ABET-accredited Engineering Technology program. An engineering degree will NOT be considered as a substitute. Click here to find out if your school's Engineering Technology program is accredited by ABET. (Your degree must have been awarded after your program was accredited.)

The NICET Technologist Application includes the following parts:

  • Part I: Applicant Information
  • Part II: Technologist Work History
  • Part III: Endorsement

AT grade applicants must complete Part I, while CT grade applicants are required to submit all three Parts. All technologist applicants must submit the application review fee and an official college transcript. Within six weeks of receiving all your application materials, NICET will notify you by mail of your certification status.

Associate Engineering Technologist (AT) $160
Upgrade to: Certified Engineering Technologist (CT) $190

Application Forms

Every form you need can be found, complete with instructions, in one application package; just print it out and you are ready to get started:

NICET Technologist Application Package

On all paper application forms, NICET prefers signatures written in ink colors other than black. Please print or type. Please keep copies of your application forms for your records.