Policy 30: Continuing Professional Development

(Revised March 2017)

  1. Recertification through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is required to continue each and every certification in Active Status beyond the expiration date of the certification.
  2. The certification period is three years (36 months).
  3. Each certification loses its Active Status on the first day of the expiration month printed on the certificate.
  4. Recertification is achieved by accumulating ninety (90) continuing professional development points (see Operating Procedure 30, Exhibit I) within the certification period through professional development activities directly related to the following:
    1. Being an active practitioner in the certification practice area.
    2. Acquiring additional education pertinent to the certification practice area.
    3. Participating in activities which advance or broaden the body of knowledge for the certification practice area.
    4. Actively seeking to upgrade certification(s) held and/or actively seeking initial or upgrade certification in related practice areas.
    5. Successfully completing a special (certification maintenance) written examination.

Please see the Operating Procedure for this Policy for additional guidance