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Express Evaluation

NICET reviews experience documentation after the exam requirement is met on a “first-come, first-served” basis. NICET conducts work experience reviews to evaluate whether a certification candidate’s submitted documentation meets the industry set requirements. NICET recognizes that candidates may experience circumstances that require expedited services. NICET will complete an Express Evaluation within 10 business days of receiving the fee.

Express Evaluation does NOT guarantee certification


  • Candidate must meet testing requirement before requesting Express Evaluation
  • The posted fee is for each Level and each Subfield to be reviewed.
    • Must be paid online
  • NICET will complete the review and notify the candidate as soon as possible within ten business-days of payment.
  • The two possible outcomes of the Express Evaluation are:
    • Award of certification or
    • Issuance of a Conditional Decision Letter (CDL)
      • If a CDL is issued as a result of an Express Evaluation and the candidate responds to it within 30 days of its date, the candidate’s CDL response will be evaluated within ten business-days of its receipt at no additional cost.
      • Responses received after 30 days will be placed in the regular queue for CDL Response Review.

Express Evaluation Instructions

  • Apply for an Express Evaluation by emailing evaluations@nicet.org with the subject “Express Evaluation Application”
    • Please Include:
      • Candidate’s full name as it appears in the NICET database
      • NICET ID
      • Specific Level and Subfield for which the service is requested
  • NICET will send an acknowledgement email that includes instruction for making the payment.

Prior to Payment

  • Confirm ALL experience documentation is complete and received by NICET. Experience documentation is available in the NICET portal. Please log into your NICET account.


Express Evaluation (optional)
To request an Express Evaluation of your experience application in up to 10 business days, please contact NICET at, evaluations@nicet.org. The Express Evaluation fee is per subfield and per paid Levels. The fee must be paid electronically.