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CBT Calculator Preview

An onscreen calculator will be available to you throughout your computer-based test (CBT). Use the calculator's "Modes" menu (shown below) to toggle between the standard calculator and the scientific calculator.

Below, you'll see photos of the two types of calculators and a list of their functions. To practice using these calculators, please visit http://www.pearsonvue.com/athena/ and download the Pearson VUE Tutorial and Practice Exam. One of the practice exam's questions will launch the calculator, and you can practice using the functions listed below.

Standard Calculator


Standard Mode Functions


Scientific Calculator


Scientific Mode Functions


The scientific calculator might show the results of certain calculations as a fraction - possibly involving pi or a square root.  To convert this kind of result to a single number with a decimal point, you will need to use the “toggle answer” button circled in the picture below. Pressing this button will change the display from a fractional to a decimal format.

Calculator Toggle

Calculator Toggle Answer

If you find this onscreen calculator difficult to use, raise your hand and ask the TA to provide you with a hand-held scientific calculator instead.