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NICET Video Security Systems Classification

The following are some of the types of equipment and system characteristics that delineate "Type A," "Type B," and "Type C" systems, as referred to in this content outline.

Type A Systems

These are basic systems with standard components, low bandwidth transmission, and menu-driven set-up, such as:

  • Multiplexer/VCR
  • Quad/VCR
  • Digital video recorders with time/date, play/record, and anti-tamper functions
  • Sequential switch
  • Single keyboard
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Standard cable runs not requiring repeaters or amplifiers (less than 800 ft. for coaxial; less than 1500 ft. for twisted pair)

Type B Systems

These systems can include specialized components, programmable controls, and high-bandwidth transmission, such as:

  • PTZ
  • Multiple keyboards
  • Matrix interfaced with alarms, A/C, or intercom (GPI or dry contact)
  • Digital video recorders with programmable, alarm-based resolution and frame rate
  • Fiber transmission systems
  • Low light
  • Long cable runs
  • Covert or portable systems
  • RF modulators

Type C Systems

These systems can include PCs, serial communication, and wireless transmission, such as:

  • Integrated systems/serial communications/GUIs
  • LANs/WANs
  • Remote systems
  • Microwave and IR transmission
  • Digital video recorders with remote interface