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CMT "Hands-On" Performance Examinations - Asphalt, Concrete, Soils, and Aggregates

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Optional hands-on performance examinations to pair with the existing Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Asphalt, Concrete and Soils certification programs. For information on the CMT certification programs, visit the CMT program page.

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Caliber Consulting Services LLC

Caliber Consulting Services LLC

Step I: Review the Candidate Performance Examination Guidelines
Step II: Complete Performance Examination Application

Step III: Contact a Recognized Performance Examination Administrator
Step IV: Submit your Performance Examination Application to the Recognized Performance Examination Administrator
Step V: Make payment arrangements with the Recognized Performance Examination Administrator
Step VI: Complete Performance Examinations
Step VII: Performance Examination Results Submitted to NICET
Step VIII: Official Results Sent to Candidate from NICET

Candidate Performance Examination Guidelines
Candidate Performance Examination Application

Performance Examination Remote Administration Agreement

Administrators - Coming Soon!


The following ASTM and/or AASHTO standard test methods and standard practices are available for examination:

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