Pearson VUE Statement

Attention:  Please be advised that on March 26, 2020, the following information was provided to NICET by Pearson VUE, the organization that administers NICET examinations.

Given the unforeseeable circumstances of this global COVID-19 pandemic (as announced by the World Health Organization), where national and local governments are ordering businesses to shut down and implement other stringent measures to combat the spread of the disease and causing unprecedented impacts on businesses’ ability to continue to operate, Pearson VUE is hereby providing official notice of a force majeure event under our operative agreements. Due to this force majeure event, it is impracticable for Pearson VUE to continue its services and must interrupt its services as follows:

Reducing or suspending, the services, as defined or listed in the operative agreement, as they become impracticable (“Reduction of Services”) including but not limited to the closing of the Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs) and the Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers (PVTCs) (“Reduction of Services”).

The global unforeseeable COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant and increasingly widespread disruptions and threatens the health and safety of the public. This force majeure event has and will continue (for an undetermined period of time) making it impracticable for Pearson VUE to continue to provide its services and will cause a partial or complete interruption of services being provided by “Pearson VUE” under our agreement.

Pearson VUE’s response has been designed to maintain fulfilment of our contractual obligations to the extent not impracticable or illegal by this force majeure event. The pandemic has led health professionals and officials worldwide to recommend and/or require various rigorous measures to combat the spread of the disease. These measures involving government orders and guidance includes: intensive protocols for cleaning, provision and use of personal, home quarantines, protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc...), implementation of social distancing, implementing measures to limit health risks to employees, families, vulnerable adults, closing retail establishments, and interruption to and guidance against using or limiting the use of public transit, restricting travel locally and internationally, as a means of preventing and slowing the spread of the disease. In response to such orders and recommendations, for the safety of candidates, employees, and the public we must now take Reduction of Services measures.

This situation is unfortunate for all parties, but these actions are necessary given the nature and effect of this pandemic. You are a trusted partner of ours and we will continue to work in a reasonable manner in this unprecedented situation to support your program.