Upgrading Your Certification

The following questions and answers apply only to
NICET's paper-and-pencil examinations. For information
about the Video Security Systems computer-based tests,
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If I have been granted a Level II work experience credit for my Associates Degree, will the credit still apply at higher levels?
Yes. After you are awarded Level II, whether you met the work experience requirement through experience alone or a combination of experience and education, you must acquire three additional years of relevant work experience before upgrading to Level III.

How can I determine what work elements I must test to upgrade my certification?
You can find your program's current examination requirements in the Program Detail Manual. Use the personal tally worksheet (also found in the manual) and your old score reports to find out how close you are to meeting the current exam requirement. If you have lost your old score reports, you can order a transcript by submitting the Order Form for Decals and Personal Records.

How can I upgrade my AET that I earned by passing the A/B exams?
Once NICET certifies you as an AET, you are no longer required to take any subsequent exams to upgrade in that general knowledge program. To upgrade, you must submit a detailed work history reflecting the required amount of work experience, one or two personal recommendations, and the application review fee.

If none of these FAQs answered your question, please e-mail NICET or search again. Questions related to your personal progress toward meeting a certification requirement must be directed to NICET by telephone. Please call 888-476-4238 or 703-548-1518.


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