Orders, Correspondence, and Customer Service

Which address do I use for applications and other correspondence?
Applications and order forms that require a payment are to be submitted electronically on line. If your mailing does not include a payment, mail it to NICET at 1420 King Street, Alexandria VA 22314.

How can I obtain another decal?
You can order extras at NICET's online store.

I've lost my certificate; how can I obtain a new one?
You can download your NICET certificate in your NICET account. Go to My Certifications.

How long does NICET keep my test history?
Ten years after your last test, if you have not achieved certification, NICET will delete your test history. If you achieve a certification, then all computer based scores pertaining to that certification remain in your records as long as that certification is in active status. If your certification has expired, you have up to three years from your expiration date to reinstate it; until the end of this three-year period, NICET will maintain your testing records. Refer to NICET Policy 26.

How can I find out who is certified in my state?
You can contact NICET for general statistics about the numbers of certified individuals.

Can I order standards from NICET?
No. You must contact the standards' publishers. Most standards-issuing organizations have websites; a quick Internet search should provide you with contact information.

How can I report someone who is misrepresenting him/her self or fraudulently claiming NICET certification?

Review Policy 1, Complaints Against Applicants and Certificants, on NICET's Policies web page; then contact NICET to request a Complaint form. On this confidential form, you will be asked to identify yourself, the certificant/applicant in question, and the nature of the offense. The completed form must be returned to NICET, attention Chip Hollis, Senior Director, Credentials and Administration.


If none of these FAQs answered your question, please e-mail NICET or search again. Questions related to your personal progress toward meeting a certification requirement must be directed to NICET by telephone. Please call 888-476-4238 or 703-548-1518.

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