work experience

Work Experience

Experience requirements are determined by industry experts and practitioners during the program development process. The requirements include work history, performance measures, and at higher levels, a major project write-up and personal recommendation.


Work History

Is a complete description of positions held and work performed. All work activities, regardless of relevance to the certification, should be included. Evaluators review the submitted work history for any specialty areas for which the candidate applies. NICET keeps all submitted work history as part of the candidates record. Updates can be submitted online as part of the candidate’s profile.


Performance Measures

A set of activities that a supervisor or someone in a supervisory capacity must verify that the candidate has performed satisfactorily. This section of the application must be completed by the verifier.



The best person to serve as a verifier is the supervisor listed in the work history for their current position. The verifier does not have to be certified but must be a responsible and technically competent individual who is in a position to inspect and/or approve the applicant's work and verify that the candidate has demonstrated general competencies, specific accomplishments, and project work related to the certification. Company owners must find someone (e.g., authority having jurisdiction, general contractor, etc.) outside their company.


Personal Recommendation

Must be completed by professionals who are familiar with the technical capabilities and background of the applicant and can attest to the technical quality, responsibility, and ethics demonstrated in the applicant's work experience. A Personal Recommendation is a requirement for certification in all programs, but not necessarily all levels.


Major Project Write-Up

A separate document that describes a major project the candidate has held substantial responsibility. It describes the purpose of the project, the candidate role in the project, and the system involved in the project.


Experience Application

Experience documentation may be completed in the candidate’s profile or by submitting the appropriate forms found on the program pages. They may be submitted anytime but NICET only reviews experience applications once the exam requirement is met. Reviews are completed on a first come, first served basis within 90 days** of meeting the exam requirement. Upon completion of the review, NICET awards certification or contacts the candidate with information on what is deficient and instructions on required action to meet the certification requirements. 


Conditional Decision Letter (CDL)

CDLs are mailed to all candidates that apply for certification but do not meet established requirements. The letter describes the requirements that still need to be met for the candidate to be awarded certification. It may take up to 60 days from date of receipt for CDL responses to be evaluated.