Construction Materials Testing Technicians Get New Option to Meet Performance Standards


May 1, 2019

Contact: NICET, Chip Hollis
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ALEXANDRIA, VA (May 1, 2020) The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) launched new performance examinations to complement its certification programs in Construction Materials Testing (CMT) for Asphalt, Concrete, and Soils.

These new optional performance examinations will be conducted by third-party NICET-recognized performance examination administrators and will ensure certificants are able to meet any federal, state, and/or industry laboratory accreditation and personnel qualification requirements.

“While NICET is the ‘gold standard’ for engineering technician certification, many technicians were having to get NICET certification and possibly another performance-based assessment, or choose another option altogether to meet the performance examination requirements,” said Ahmed Farouki, Director of Technical Services at NICET. “These new NICET performance examinations will simplify the process for technicians and help improve the consistency of qualifications nationwide.”

Applicants can choose from 70-plus specific and applicable ASTM and/or AASHTO testing methods for Asphalt, Concrete, Soils, and Aggregate. Performance examinations will address testing methods, calculations, equipment, criteria, and content of the relevant ASTM and/or AASHTO testing methods. NICET is responsible for establishing the content, administration policies, and procedures for all performance examinations, and recognized performance examination administrators will use an evaluation checklist to conduct the performance examination for each ASTM and/or AASHTO testing method. The contents of the performance examination checklists are derived directly from the applicable ASTM and/or AASHTO testing method. NICET will recognize and maintain a candidate’s record of the successful completion of each performance examination.

The initial phase will be a pilot provided exclusively by recognized performance examination administrator Caliber Consulting Services LLC.

 “NICET is the leader in the technician certification industry, and we are excited to be partnering with them on this new benefit to certificants” said John W. Quidley, President of Caliber Consulting Services LLC. “The NICET credential has always been an integral part of any successful quality system in the civil engineering profession, and with the added performance component, NICET raises the bar to meet industry needs and ensures compliance to current standards.”

NICET’s CMT certification programs are widely recognized across the U.S. There are currently over 5,000 active certifications, with certificants in every state and Washington D.C. Interested individuals, companies, and organizations can find additional information and apply at:

COVID-19 Statement

NICET recognizes its obligation to protect its employees, customers, agents, and the public in its operations and in the services being provided. While we are accepting applications, performance examinations might not be immediately available due to COVID-19 restrictions. Any administered exams will follow social distancing and sanitizing procedures issued by national, state, and local authorities; and will take all appropriate steps consistent with the guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to restrict the spread of disease.

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