Policy 3: Release of Confidential Application/Certificant Information

(revised September 2015)

NICET will make every reasonable effort to prevent an individual posing as someone else from obtaining privileged information.

  1. If the requestor is seeking information on an individual other than himself or herself, only the following information will be released:
    1. Certification status information will be limited to:
      1. certification is in Active, Retired, Delinquent, Suspended, Revoked, or Expired Status.
      2. certification grade (level).
      3. certification field/subfield;
      4. certification number.
    2. Applicant status information will be limited to confirming that the individual is, in fact, an applicant.
  2. If the caller is requesting information on himself or herself and the NICET staff member reasonably believes that the caller is actually the certificant or applicant in question, the staff member may confirm or clarify information on record.

NOTE: NICET uses contractors to manage databases containing confidential customer information.  During the contracting process, NICET will require contractors to recognize the confidential nature of all information made available to them within their Scope of Work, and will require signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement before executing any contract.