Policy 28: Seals and Stamps

(revised September 2016)

The use of any seal or stamp conveying the full NICET name, logo or certification mark on technical documents or drawings prepared, checked or reviewed by a NICET certificant is not authorized by NICET.

If there is a requirement that a NICET certificant(s) who prepared or reviewed technical documents or drawings must identify their credentials within those documents/ drawings, that information must be contained within the title block of the document/drawing, or within a square or rectangular box near the title block.

NICET certificant information provided must include the certificant’s full name, their NICET certification number, the relevant certification practice area attained, the level of certification held within that practice area, and their certification expiration date.


(Drawing/Document) (prepared/reviewed) by:

John Q. Public
NICET Certification No. 123456
Water-Based Systems Layout - Level III
Certification Expires: October 1, 2019

The use of any seal or stamp that resembles or might be construed as the seal or stamp of a licensed professional engineer is unacceptable.