Policy 15: Exam Application

(Updated October 2020)

Exam applications must be submitted in accordance with instructions on NICET’s website.

The exam application fee payment, in full, must accompany the exam application. Applications for testing which are not accompanied by full payment will be on hold until the full testing fee is received. Processing of applications which lack critical information will not be completed until the deficiencies are corrected.  

Regardless of the examination delivery platform, candidates will be informed of a range of dates within which the test must be taken. Scheduling the test within the given date range is the responsibility of the candidate. Candidates will be informed of procedures and fees for rescheduling a test to a different center or date within the original date range, or for cancelling/rescheduling after the cancellation deadline set by the test administration organization.

Scheduling or rescheduling a test outside of the original range of dates requires a rescheduling fee and will result in a new range of dates. A request for a new date range must be received in writing by NICET not more than 30 days after the end of the original date range. The new date range must begin not more than eight months after the beginning of the original date range. A test may not be rescheduled to a new date range more than two times.