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Update - Louisiana House Bill 748 No Longer Poses Threat to Certification Organizations

May 10, 2018
Thanks to a strong, coordinated response from NICET Certifications holders and supporters, LA HB 748,  was dramatically changed yesterday in committee hearing. The certification language has been removed and most of the other language has been removed as well. It’s now essentially a Governor-mandated review of boards.

We will continue to be following the bill but it currently does no harm to certification programs or certified persons and it is unlikely to be substantively changed. 

Here is the amendment which replaces all of the text:


Louisiana House Bill 748 Poses Major Threat to Certification Organizations

May 1, 2018
Pending legislation in Louisiana, if enacted, would effectively place Louisiana off-limits to most certification organizations and, for the few certifications recognized by Louisiana’s licensing laws, would lay the groundwork for eliminating those certification requirements. Louisiana House Bill 748, the Occupational Licensing Review Act, passed the Louisiana House of Representatives, by a vote of 87-7. Without significant public opposition, the bill appears to be on a fast track to passage.
In a nutshell, HB 748 would:

  • Prohibit any individual holding a certification from a private organization from using the term “certified” as a title, unless certification is requirement for licensure.
  • Create a presumption against licensure laws requiring certification.
  • Allow rebuttal of the presumption against certification requirements in licensure only based on “empirically substantiated harms to consumers” if certification is not required.
  • Conduct a “sunset review” of each existing occupational licensing law every five years, leading to the potential repeal or watering down of such laws.

NICET is voicing opposition and encouraging NICET certificants in Louisiana to contact their state senators and congressmen to oppose this legislation. 

View the legislation here: