Score Reports

The following questions and answers apply only to
NICET's paper-and-pencil examinations. For information
about the Video Security Systems computer-based tests,
please click here.


If I don't answer any questions in a work element, will it be scored?
Yes. A score of 0 will be assigned to the work element, and it will be counted as "failed".

How long will it take to receive my score report after I test?
Initial score reports are generally mailed to candidates within two weeks of the test date. If you do not receive a score report within a month of your test date, please call NICET at 888-476-4238 and press 3.

How detailed is the score report for a work element exam?
For each work element that appeared on the exam, the examination score report lists the numerical score achieved and whether that score is "pass" or "fail". A sample score report is included in every program detail manual.

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