Who can be my recommender?
Your recommender must be a professional who is familiar with your technical capabilities and background who can attest to the quantity and quality of your work experience. NICET prefers recommendations by licensed professional engineers, registered land surveyors, certified engineering technologists, and certified engineering technicians, but will also accept recommendations by other professionals such as graduate engineers, scientists, senior level technicians and technologists, fire marshals, code officials, or officials of other authorities having jurisdiction. NICET will not accept recommendations on your behalf by your relatives or individuals who have previously served as your verifier.

When should I submit a new recommendation?
Your recommendation expires one year after it is signed. Before NICET will award you a new or upgraded certification, you must have a current recommendation on file.


If none of these FAQs answered your question, please e-mail NICET or search again. Questions related to your personal progress toward meeting a certification requirement must be directed to NICET by telephone. Please call 888-476-4238 or 703-548-1518.

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