Directory of Certificants

Verification of Certification Status

NICET offers three resources designed to assist you in identifying certified individuals:

  • Telephone confirmation of an individual's certification status is available weekdays during NICET business hours.
  • Certification status reports serve as written verification of data that is frequently requested by specifiers or necessary for contract bidding. Instead of requesting that your busy staff provide these details, you can obtain the information directly from NICET.
  • Technician Directories put individuals' certification Levels at your fingertips so that you can verify that potential employees are certified.

Telephone Confirmation

To confirm an individual's certification status, please call NICET at 888-476-4238 (select Option 5). If you provide an individual's certification number (or social security number), a NICET customer service representative can confirm the individual's certification area, Level, and expiration date. NICET will confirm certification status for up to five individuals per phone call.

Certification Status Reports

NICET can also provide a more detailed, written verification of an individual's certification data. The Certification Status Report includes the individual's name, NICET certification number, certification area and level, and certification award date and expiration date. A certificant may request written verification of his or her data at no charge (limit four per year). For third parties (such as employers and specifiers), the cost is $11 per name. A 25% discount is available for government agencies/affiliates. Please contact Regina Stevenson at 888-476-4238, ext 116, to arrange payment and delivery.

Technician Directories

Since NICET's directories are generated on request directly from our registry database, they're delivered with the most up-to-date data possible. The directories provide the name, certification number, certification level, and city/state of all individuals currently certified (Active-, Inactive-, and Retired-Status) in the subfield of your choice.

Each directory includes two rosters. The first, divided by state, alphabetically lists certificant names followed by city, certification number, and certification level. The second roster, a national listing by alphabet, features certificant names followed by city and state. Directories that are made up of multiple subfields have one collective national listing. To maintain certificants' privacy, NICET does not include street addresses or phone numbers.

To order, use your credit card to complete the on-line order form below.

Special Rates

NICET offers discounted rates for annual subscriptions. A quarterly subscription (four issues) is available at a 11% discount and a monthly subscription (12 issues) at a 25% discount.

Fire Protection Engineering Technology Single
One year subscription
Quarterly Monthly
Automatic Sprinkler System Layout $52 $188 $468
Fire Alarm Systems $52 $188 $468
Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm Systems $11 $40 $99
Inspection & Testing of Water-Based Systems $37 $134 $333
Special Hazards $37 $134 $333
Civil Engineering Technology Single
One year subscription
Quarterly Monthly
Architectural/Building Construction $11 $40 $99
Bridge Safety Inspection $21 $76 $189
Civil Engineering Technology $21 $76 $189
Construction Materials Testing $52 $188 $468
Erosion/Sediment Control $21 $76 $189
Geosynthetic Materials Installation Inspection $11 $40 $99
Geotechnical $37 $134 $333
Highway Construction $37 $134 $333
Highway Design $21 $76 $189
Highway Maintenance $11 $40 $99
Highway Materials $21 $76 $189
Highway Surveys $21 $76 $189
Highway Traffic Operations $11 $40 $99
Roadway Design (Missouri DOT) $21 $76 $189
Stormwater and Wastewater System Inspection (Regional and National programs) $21 $76 $189
Water and Sewer Lines $21 $76 $189
Water/Wastewater Plants $11 $40 $99
Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology Single
One year subscription
Quarterly Monthly
Audio Systems $21 $76 $189
Video Security Systems (Technician and Designer) $21 $76 $189
Electrical/Electronics $21 $76 $189
Electrical Power $11 $40 $99
Electrical Testing $11 $40 $99
Industrial Engineering Technology $11 $40 $99
Industrial Instrumentation $21 $76 $189
Mechanical Engineering Technology $11 $40 $99
Telecommunications $11 $40 $99
                  Total $

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