Exam Rescheduling

You may reschedule your exam for any reason, including severe weather, to another date in your selected window or even a different location as long as you contact Pearson VUE more than 24 hours before your scheduled test time. If your test center is closed, Pearson VUE will attempt to contact you. You may also contact Pearson VUE (1-866-880-0048) or your selected test center directly to find out about possible cancellations. Please contact NICET Testing services at (1-888-476-4238) option 3 or test@nicet.org  to reschedule exams within 24 hours of your scheduled test time or to a date outside your selected window. Fees may apply.

The following form contains information and instruction to reschedule exams.

- Fill out the Standard Model/CBT Rescheduling form, if testing in these programs:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Special Hazards Suppression Systems
  • Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems
  • Water-Based (formerly Automatic Sprinkler System) Layout
  • Video Security Systems
  • Electrical Power Testing
  • Highway Construction Inspection
  • Asphalt/Concrete/Soils