Continuing Professional Development

To protect the public's interests and promote your stature on the engineering team, the Institute encourages and requires your professional advancement by requiring recertification. Once you've been certified, you need to track your continuing professional development (CPD) activities according to a pre-established point scale. At the end of the three-year certification period, you must demonstrate your professional growth by documenting 90 CPD points for each certification.

The NICET CPD system was put in place in 1995 in response to increasing demand, not only for certification, but for assurance that NICET-certified individuals were continuing to maintain and develop their skills, knowledge, and responsibility. The CPD system can also be used as a method for planning and tracking your career development.

Achieving certification is a big step on the career ladder, hopefully one that will encourage you to climb towards ever higher career goals and rewards. You can advance in your career by updating and expanding your job knowledge, seeking advanced training, and taking part in committees and membership organizations that promote your industry. You can use the free CPD Log to record the activities that have strengthened your capabilities and demonstrated your professionalism.

Staying at the top of your game and showing concern for your industry improves your chances for winning promotions and more challenging job responsibilities. Your employer may rest assured that you can handle the latest equipment and techniques, and your customers will be confident of the highest-quality technical goods and services. For more information about recertification, please click on a link below:

Need more information? See NICET Policy #30 for a detailed outline.