Career Development

Career Development with NICET Certification

For those who are serious about their work, the NICET certification process can be a tool for planning and documenting career progress.

The practice analysis that NICET has developed as an outline for its testing program may be used to plan the skills and knowledge needed to advance to higher career levels. Efforts invested in developing the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary for NICET certification will also demonstrate to employers the dedication and professionalism they seek in top technicians.

Once an individual has achieved certification, NICET mandates a process of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to keep that certification current. The activities that can gain CPD points toward recertification (continuing work experience, attending or presenting training sessions, association membership, etc.) are the same kinds of activities that promote and represent professional growth. A record of these activities documents specific experiences as well as progress along a career path.

NICET encourages:

  • technicians and technologists to continuously increase their capabilities by learning new skills and knowledge; by keeping up with new technologies; and by seeking opportunities to make expanded contributions to their companies, their customers, and the general public.
  • employers to support the professional development of the members of their technical team.