Maximize the Value of Your Employees' Certification

Use of Support Statement

Q. How can you demonstrate to the world that you have achieved status within your profession?

A: Use the NICET-Certified Mark.

As an employer of a certified person, you can use the NICET support statement on your business stationery.

As a certified person, you can use the NICET certified mark on your business card.

Who is interested in NICET certification?

  • Individuals who have met NICET's established standards for a particular practice area.
  • Certified individuals who demonstrate knowledge, experience, and a sense of professionalism.
  • Employers who seek individuals who have invested in pursuing and achieving certification.
  • Regulators and Authorities having Jurisdiction who seek certified persons on behalf of their constituent base.
  • Clients who seek certified persons to perform tasks.
  • The public that seeks certified practitioners in whom they can trust their safety, or the safety of their possessions.

Who may use the NICET mark?

  • Businesses that endorse NICET certification or employ NICET certificants may use the NICET Support Statement
  • Active-status NICET certificants may use the "NICET-Certified" mark.

Guidelines for Use

NICET accepts an obligation to its certificate holders, their employers, authorities having jurisdiction, and the public at large to protect the integrity and value of the NICET certification mark by controlling its usage. The Institute maintains a public registry of its certificants and enforces the following rules governing the uses of the mark.

Click here for the complete guidelines for use, and downloadable images of the logo.

Marketing Tips

When one of your employees achieves certification, it deserves some attention. A press release along the lines of the sample below may get a write-up in the local paper. You can also let your clients know about it by putting it in your company newsletter and by posting it in the lobby or some other appropriate location.

Your certified employees can show their status by placing the "NICET Certified" decal on hardhats, clipboards, etc. Decals may be ordered through the NICET Store.

Also, see "Certification and Business Value".

Sample News Release

For Immediate Release
(today's date)
Contact (Insert Name)


(Name) Passes National Certification Examination

(Name of Company) of (Town or City) is proud to announce that (Name and Title) has successfully completed the NICET (insert name of NICET program) Certification, Level (Insert) on (Insert date). (Insert statement describing the work that the certificant does for your company.)

(Name) has demonstrated a commitment to the industry, the company, the profession, and (his/her) own career. By studying for and taking the certification examination, (Name) has shown that (he/she) has the knowledge to be an exemplary engineering technician.

According to Michael A. Clark, General Manager, CAE "NICET certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence. Through encouraging its employees to seek and maintain certifications (Company) has shown that it is committed to providing the best service and to the highest standards."

(Insert a paragraph describing your company - products/services provided, when founded, size, location, etc.)

Since it's founding in 1961, more than 125,000 technicians and technologists have met NICET's rigorous certification criteria. That number is growing rapidly as more employers and local and state governments rely on NICET certification to measure the qualifications of their workforce. The certificate and wallet card issued by NICET serve as a portable credential for certified technicians and technologists who seek to maximize their skills and knowledge and advance in their professions. By employing those workers who have demonstrated their technical qualifications, employers can provide their customers higher quality goods and services. And, ultimately, the public enjoys a higher degree of safety and protection.

NICET is a non-profit division of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

For more information about (Company), or to set up an interview, please contact (Name, telephone number and/or e-mail). For more information about NICET, call 1-888-IS-NICET (1-888-476-4238) or visit NICET online at