How Certification Can Help Your Business

How Can NICET Help Your Company, Agency, or Jurisdiction?


Hiring and promoting

NICET certification takes some of the guesswork out of applicant screening by identifying those technicians who have acquired a minimum amount of relevant work experience and who have demonstrated their knowledge by meeting a rigorous exam requirement.

  • Measure job applicants' skills and knowledge against an objective national standard
  • Provide incentives and promotions for staffers who increase their capabilities
  • Diagnose the training needs of your staff
  • Show your technicians that you appreciate their professionalism
Marketing your business

A NICET-certified work force indicates to your customers and potential customers that your personnel are qualified and that your organization is committed to excellence.

You'll give your customers peace of mind when they see the NICET mark and support statement in your brochures, yellow pages ad, company letterhead, website, and staff business cards.

Ensuring that work done under contract is performed by qualified technicians

Indicate requirements for personnel qualifications in RFPs, specifications, and contracts. NICET provides a system in which personnel can reach and maintain a nationally standardized level of technical capability and competency. By requiring NICET and/or other certifications, Fire Marshals, Departments of Transportation, and other specifiers provide greater protection of the public.

These are just a few of the common uses for NICET certification by employers and specifiers around the country. If you would like a NICET representative to meet with your organization, please contact us at 888-476-4238 or

For more information:

Visit NICET's Certification area to browse our work element and general knowledge technician programs. Select a program for more information about examination content and certification requirements. If you've already decided on a work element program, you can download the Program Detail Manual to find a detailed description of work elements ("test modules") and other resources.

Order a NICET directory of individuals certified in a NICET technician program.

Visit NICET's "Jobs and Careers" area to browse ads posted by your peers and competitors across the United States. Click on the "Post a 'Position Available' ad" link to begin searching for a NICET certificant for your team.


Questions about how NICET certification can help your company or organization?
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