Work Element (WE) Testing has Ended

We are in the final stages of transitioning our engineering technician programs to the Standard Model/CBT format. Work Element testing is no longer available.

The Highway Construction and Construction Materials Testing exams are being converted (Higway Contruction Levels I and II are already available) to the Standard Model/CBT format. All new applicants for these programs will receive the new Standard Model/CBT exams.

NICET is no longer offer any testing in the programs listed below. Certified individuals can continue to recertify and many of the competencies will be rolled up into the new Transportation Construction Inspection and other Standard Model/CBT programs.

  • Transportation – Highway Design
  • Transportation – Highway Traffic Operations
  • Transportation – Highway Surveys
  • Transportation – Highway System Maintenance and Preservation
  • Bridge Safety Inspection
  • Geotechnical
  • Underground Utilities – Water & Sewer Line
  • Underground Utilities – Storm & Wastewater
  • Water/Wastewater Plants
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Audio Systems
  • Industrial Instrumentation

Why the Change to Standard Model/CBT?

The new model allows NICET to extend several benefits to our customers: flexible exam dates and appointment times; scheduling and confirmation; and same day exam scoring.