Work Experience Evaluations

NICET certification is based not only on testing, but also involves a work history write-up and verification by your supervisor of your on-the-job performance. After you pass the written exam, NICET will evaluate these application materials, and mail you a decision about your certification status within 90 days of your test date.

Work History

Each NICET program offers progressive levels of certification designed to meet your professional needs as you advance along your career path. Level I is typically for trainees and entry-level technicians, while the upper levels are reserved for technicians with more experience. When you apply for certification, you will submit a detailed work history that describes (in your own words) the job responsibilities that you have regularly performed throughout your career. NICET will evaluate your experience against a requirement designed by a committee of subject matter experts from around the country. If NICET determines that you have adequate experience for the level you are pursuing, certification will be awarded. If your work experience is deficient, NICET will send you a "Conditional Decision Letter" stating the nature of the unfulfilled requirement. If the requirements for the certification should change, you would not be affected by the change for one year after the Conditional Decision Letter.

Third-Party Evaluations

All Technician applicants must submit supervisor verification of specific elements of their on-the-job performance. The application contains paperwork that must be completed by your immediate supervisor or another individual who has been in the position to supervise or inspect your work. (The application contains more detailed information about who can serve as your verifier.) On your application, your verifier will indicate whether he or she has witnessed you perform your program's job tasks repeatedly and competently. You will be awarded certification only after an acceptable verifier attests in writing to your on-the-job abilities.

A personal recommendation is required at the upper levels of certification. NICET uses this form to gain some insight into your professional character and ethics. The form must be submitted on your behalf by a qualified recommender-usually a NICET Level IV Technician, a PE, or someone with comparable technical knowledge and responsibility who is familiar with your work.

When you are awarded a NICET certification, you have demonstrated your technical skills and knowledge by meeting three distinct criteria: passing score on a written exam based on typical job tasks; a work history that includes relevant, technician-level experience; and positive third-party evaluations of your performance.