Work Element Selection

Archive- NICET ended the Work Element (WE) exams December 31, 2017. This page is for information and reference about the WE process. NICET will continue to recognize certifications earned in the WE format. Certification holders must maintain their certifications through the usual recertification process. NICET will recognize higher level exam requirements met in the WE format for the foreseeable future. NICET will notify candidates of any change. Certification holders that passed WEs in their current recertification period but did not meet a higher level exam requirement may claim one CPD point per WE passed for recertification. To meet higher level exam requirements in the future, candidates must pass the appropriate exam/s, if available, in the Standard Model/CBT format. Testing is no longer available for some programs.

How many work elements can I sign up for on one application?
You may select up to 34 work elements for your exam. NICET recommends that you select the maximum 34 to allow yourself a margin for error and provide the greatest opportunity for successfully meeting an exam requirement with the least number of exams. If you pass more work elements of a particular type and category, the excess may apply to higher-level exam requirements (check your Examination Requirements Chart).

Can I test work elements from more than one field or subfield on the same exam?
Yes, it is acceptable to request work elements from several fields/subfields on the same exam. Make sure you properly identify the multiple fields/subfields on your application.

Do I have to test the work elements I failed on a previous test or can I test some others?
With the exception of core work elements (which are usually mandatory at upper levels of certification), it is not necessary to re-test failed work elements if there are others in the appropriate category you can test instead.

If I fail a work element, can I retest it right away?
If you fail a work element, you must undergo a waiting period before you can retest it. Please see NICET Policy 20.

Can I sit for Level I and II tests on the same day? Does this affect the exam fee?
You may select up to 34 work elements per test sitting. These work elements may come from multiple levels and/or multiple subfields. The number of work elements on your exam does not affect the exam fee.

If none of these FAQs answered your question, please e-mail NICET or search again. Questions related to your personal progress toward meeting a certification requirement must be directed to NICET by telephone. Please call 888-476-4238 or 703-548-1518.


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