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If I have already passed a work element in my first certification program, do I have to pass it again if another program requires it?
"Crossover" work elements are those that are identical or nearly identical in topic coverage and questions to work elements in selected other fields/subfields. Nearly all of NICET's certification programs have "generic" crossover work elements covering communication skills, mathematics, physical science, and other basic areas of knowledge that should be known by all engineering technicians. Specific information on how crossover credit is awarded is provided in NICET Policies #21 and #23.

How can I determine crossover credit from one subfield to another?
You can order generic crossover listings free of charge by completing the Crossover Listing Order form or contacting NICET.

When will I receive credit for crossover work elements?
As soon as you test work elements from a new subfield, any crossover credit from your previously tested active-status subfields will automatically be assigned to the new subfield. At the same time, any crossover credit from the new subfield will automatically be assigned back to previously tested subfields. Work elements credited to your record through crossover will appear on your transcript but not on your score reports.

If I pass a Part A exam, will I receive credit for work elements?
The Part A exam is arranged so that exam questions address nine subject areas (i.e., Basic Communication Skills, Business Communications, etc.). Each of the nine subsections corresponds to a "generic" work element. If you pass any of these subsections, you will receive credit for them if you test in a work element program that includes them. Not all work element programs award credit for all nine Part A subsections.

If I fail a work element three times, can I avoid the mandatory waiting period by testing its crossover?
No. If you fail a work element three times, you may not retest it or any of its crossovers until you comply with NICET Policy 20.

If two work elements from different subfields have the same name and description, why aren't they crossovers?
The committees that design and maintain the program determine which work elements are crossovers. The committee most likely decided that the work element is too specific to its subfield to share questions with another subfield.

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