Recertification Cost, Procedures, and Timing

Base Recertification Fee (includes one subfield) $190
Incremental Fee (each additional subfield)  $50
Retired Status
The fee for electing or continuing certification after retiring from all paid employment in and/or related to the certification practice area(s). See Policy #30, Item 15.
Late Fee
Fee assessed to return expired certification(s) to Active Status; the fee is in addition to: "recertification" exam fees, evaluation fees, and recertification fees.



For most people, the recertification process is a simple one: just indicate on your invoice if you wish to recertify, include your completed CPD Log and mail it in with the specified fee payment. NICET does conduct random audits of some applications, but we work to get all properly completed applications (including audits) completed in plenty of time to get you your new certificate and wallet card before the old one expires provided that you submit at least 4 weeks prior to your expiration date. Your recertification application also serves as your invoice; please make a copy for your records. All recertification forms include detailed instructions.

If you think you cannot meet your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point requirements, please contact NICET before sending in your application. NICET's certification staff may be reached between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST; by dialing 888-476-4238 or 703-548-1518, and pressing 2 or send email to

The Certification Cycle
Continuing your Active Certification
Reactivating your Expired Certification
Retired Status
Inactive Status
If You are Audited

The Certification Cycle

Your three-year certification period begins on the date you are awarded your first certification. At this point, you should begin keeping a record of your professional development activities (perhaps using the free CPD log provided by NICET), both for your own career development uses and for NICET recertification. Your certification expiration date appears on your certificate, approval letter, and wallet card. Any additional certification (or upgrades) that you achieve will adhere to your three-year certification cycle; all certifications held will expire simultaneously at the initial certification expiration date.

Continuing your Active Certification

NICET will email the first notice about six months before your certification expires. You are instructed to respond to this email if you would like NICET to forward the Recertification Package.  The package includes your invoice, instructions and CPD Log.   Detailed on the invoice is your recertification processing fee (a base fee plus a small incremental fee for each subfield). For each certification title you wish to continue, you will be asked to provide your CPD point total for the three-year period ending on your expiration date. Information about the sources of the CPD points will not be needed on the application, but are required to be provided on your CPD Log within 4 weeks of submitting your recertification application and payment to NICET, you will receive either a new certificate and wallet card or an audit notification.

Reactivating your Expired Certificate

If your certification has expired, then you must contact NICET by email ( or by phone (1-888-476-4238, option 2), to request a recertification application. The application will list all your recertification fees, including the recertification processing fee (a base fee plus a small incremental fee for each subfield), the reinstatement fee. Individuals who have allowed their certifications to expire 3 years beyond their expiration date will be assessed additional penalties and fees. NICET will audit your CPD point documentation for each expired certification you choose to reactivate. When you reinstate your certificate after it has expired, its new expiration date will adhere to its original 3-year date cycle. (For example, if your certification expires June 1, 2009, and you reinstate your certification in April 2011, then your new expiration date will still fall on June 1, 2012.) If you have not reactivated your certification by three years after your expiration date, NICET will delete your certification and testing records. Then, in order to reinstate your certification, you must comply with NICET Policy 30, Part 13.

Retired Status

Retired status can be requested for all currently certified individuals who have now retired from all employment related to the certification specialty. By paying the retired status fee, you may change your certification status from active to retired. You will continue to receive the NICET newsletter, and a "retired" notation will appear beside your name in NICET's registry.

You can return to Active Status only during the first three years of Retired Status by paying the reinstatement fee, paying a proportional amount of the full recertification fee, and earning 30 CPD points (for each certification to be reactivated) in the twelve-month period immediately preceding the return to Active Status. Retired status may be continued indefinitely by paying the Retired Fee every three-year certification period.

Inactive Status

At any time during the certification period, you may request inactive certification status if you become involuntarily inactive in your certification practice area due to circumstances beyond your control, such as extended medical leave, extended military duty, or extended jury duty. Inactive status is a period of up to 36 consecutive months that interrupts the three-year certification period and postpones the expiration date for all your certifications. Only active status certificants may change their status to inactive. You must submit a written request to NICET within 12 months of the start of the period of inactivity, but only after 500 hours of normal employment time have been lost.

Within 12 months of the end of the period of inactivity, you must return your certification(s) to active status and pay the reinstatement fee. Otherwise, your certification(s) will expire, and NICET will delete your certification and testing records.

If You are Audited...

When you submit your recertification application to NICET before your expiration date, your CPD point documentation is subject to a random audit. If you are audited, you will receive notice within a month to send your CPD point documentation to NICET for review.

If you face a mandatory audit because of your expired status, then you may send your CPD point documentation with your recertification application and fee payment.

Your CPD point documentation should include copies of documents like college transcripts and certificates of attendance. NICET will also accept written statements from supervisors, committee leaders, society officials, and other authorities who can verify your CPD activities.

Within 30 days of receiving these materials, NICET will notify you about its decision. If you fail to send your CPD point documentation to NICET within three years of your expiration date, NICET will delete your certification and testing records.